Simply the best …

I had been playing golf for 15 years with the false swing knowledge until I met Mr. Kong. My handicap had been as low as 12 before I met Mr. Kong, and I thought I knew enough about the golf swing. By chance he saw me hitting balls at the range and offered me a… Read more “Simply the best …”

In Whan Kim
골프란 바로…

공민제프로님을 통하여 단시간에 골프스윙이란 무엇인가를 깨닫알습니다. 골프를 시작한지 5년이 되었지만 늘 100타를 깨는데 급급했던 제가 이주만에 90타를 깨는데 성공하였습니다. 공프로님께 3달째 배우면서 어느 골프장에 가도 자신감이 생기고 100타를 넘는 일은 없습니다. 제가 만나본 티칭프로중에 공프로님 만큼 열정을 가지시고 가르치시는 분은 없었습니다. 강력히 추천합니다! 이정수

Single digit here I come!

15핸티캡인 저에게 가장 큰 문제였던 숏게임을 해결해주신 분이 공민제프로님 이십니다. 40야드 안팎 그리고 그린주변에서의 샷에 늘 한두타를 잃던 저였는데 공프로님의 렌슨을 통하여 파세이브 확률이 현저히 좋아졌습니다. 그로 인하여 저의 핸디캡은 11로 줄었습니다. 드라이버와 아이언샷도 배웠으면 했는데 남가주로 이사를 가셔서 엘에이 지역을 방문 할 때마다 잠시 들려서 레슨을 받고 있습니다. 김요섭

He’s the best!

I have taken several golf lessons from many certified PGA golf instructors without success. My swing has many flaws until I met MJ Kong. He is a great instructor. MJ can spot the swing flaws in a keen observation within 10 minutes.  After 3 one-hour lessons, my ball flight has been correctly long and straight to the intended target… Read more “He’s the best!”

M. Yu
Amazing golf instructor from Confucius’ Descendants 孔子的後代

I met MJ around one year ago at the Fremont Driving Range. I am around 5’10” and the people who see me always think I can hit the driver at least 250 yards. But, NO, my driver only 160 to 170 max. I always want to find a golf instructor who can teach me the… Read more “Amazing golf instructor from Confucius’ Descendants 孔子的後代”

Gary Chang
Learn about you and your Golf experience

I’ve been coaching High School golf for 9 years. I met MJ at the Fremont Park Golf range about 3 years ago. Since playing golf with MJ and taking lessons from him, my golf experience has grown and improved . MJ’s experience in teaching Juniors, Beginners or Experienced players is magical. In one lesson, he… Read more “Learn about you and your Golf experience”

Wayne Young

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