Amazing golf instructor from Confucius’ Descendants 孔子的後代

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I met MJ around one year ago at the Fremont Driving Range. I am around 5’10” and the people who see me always think I can hit the driver at least 250 yards. But, NO, my driver only 160 to 170 max. I always want to find a golf instructor who can teach me the right way to swing. When I met MJ and I was surprise how he can hit the ball so long and straight for a man in his age. Someone may know how to play but not know how to teach. I have seen a lot of golf instructor only sit over there and teach class by talking, but MJ he is the one who can actually demonstrate the swing and correct your swing in just a minutes. Actually his technique is very unique. Sometime you will think his technique is totally different from other people, but if you trust him and follow his way, you will find out his technique is the best and simple way to learn and copy. After a couple classes, I can hit my ball with good contact and confidence. My driver can easily go more than 200 now. If you want to have a good fundamental golf swing, he is the one you should take lesson from. By the way, he is the descendant from our best teacher in Chinese history Confucius.

Gary Chang