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Politics live blog double dissolution election in Queensland, Labor wins, Coalition is down to single-digit seats. 2:12 pm

Mr Andrews said the Liberal-National coalition would be the largest single party government in Queensland history.

“The Liberal-National Government will be the largest single party government in Queensland history,” he said.

“If that’s the case, Queensland will be the largest state in Australia since Queensland formed on November 20, 1960.”

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Wanderers to face st marys in grand final at Wembley and it’s a fight we’ll be watching closely on TV. In truth, I would also argue that there is a good chance that if Hawthorn go to the big event on Saturday night (the Cats will certainly have to win to be likely to beat Collingwood) the win would almost surely be a home advantage for Hawthorn. At the other end of the spectrum, Collingwood have a chance of dropping the Cats from their spot for the first time this season. However, I wouldn’t be taking them seriously with a draw. They’ve shown they’re good enough to beat anyone this year, the Hawks aren’t. The best team in the AFL, a team that had been struggling for some time, will be better prepared to withstand anything from the Cats. Collingwood is far better, I believe. And that’s the way it should be. I would prefer a more confident Hawthorn for the next few rounds, as they’re a team who are very consistent, and I think we’ve been told that’s why they’re always going to be top eight contenders, and that’s why they’ll be there over the course of their entire career. I would like to think they’re going to be there.

It appears that there’s a good chance that Hawthorn will be top eight again. Picture: AFL Media. Source: Getty Images

Hawks coach Alastair Clarkson would love to go all in on the Cats, particularly with the young players who have shone in the first round of the season. Collingwood are currently ranked fourth in the league and have an outstanding chance at repeating as premiers (after losing their first two games). The only issue is that they’ve been consistently inconsistent, and have been consistently outclassed on a lot of areas (and the Hawks are no different, particularly on offence). Hawthorn’s season will begin to build steam against Collingwood if they make it hard for them to hold their own in the first two games. If we’re looking at the two teams with the least of influence in what comes up next week, it seems pretty much a lock that the Cats are favourites. That wouldn’t be great news for an up-and-coming side, but I suppose that’s what happened against Sydney in round one. The Demons didn’t even seem like the team that could beat Essendon at ground level on Saturday. That’s what happened at Etihad Stadium. They were the reigning premiers, but at the same time the loss to the Swans in round one (a close-run game where both teams had 60 points) means they’ve now been outscored 15-7 in their last 18. That, in combination with losing to Collingwood in round one, put them in the positio