Most excellent coach

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I first met MJ on the chipping green at Fremont Park GC. He noticed how bad I was & came over & introduced himself. He then took 5 minutes & showed me all that I was doing wrong. Immediately I started getting the balls close to the hole. He told me that he gives lessons & that he could really help me. A couple of days later, I contacted him & we started lessons. I love the way he teaches. He SHOWS you what to do not just tell you. Every shot he hits is nearly perfect, which gave me great confidence in his abilities. He’s been playing golf for 50 years & was on the KPGA (Korean PGA) for many years. We instantly became friends & started spending a lot of time together. His integrity is excellent & some of the things he teaches are not only good for golf but also for life situations as well. He’s big on manners & honesty. My handicap was around 30 when we met & now it’s at 14! All because of what I learned from MJ. He is still my friend & will always be considered my coach. I HIGHLY recommend his golf training for anyone who is serious about their game.