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I had been playing golf for 15 years with the false swing knowledge until I met Mr. Kong. My handicap had been as low as 12 before I met Mr. Kong, and I thought I knew enough about the golf swing. By chance he saw me hitting balls at the range and offered me a free lesson for 30 minutes. That lesson has totally changed my golf knowledge and game. His brief teaching made me realized what I had known about the golf swing was completely wrong. In that short encounter with Mr Kong I was able to grasp what his teaching method was about. I had never met a teaching professional who was as knowledgeable as Mr. Kong. I was impressed not only with his knowledge but also his actual demonstration. The teaching professionals I had met before never showed me their swings or demonstrated any actual hitting of balls. Mr. Kong was different. He is the first teaching professional I’ve met who can not only tell what the correct golf swing should be but also transform his knowledge into an actual swing by demonstration. I have been getting lessons from Mr. Kong for 6 months, and my tee-to-green has been tremendously improved. I also signed up my 8-year-old son with Mr. Kong, and I can see the big improvement in my son’s golf. I highly recommend Mr. Kong to people who have a passion in golf and are zealous about the game.

In Whan Kim